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Sunday, October 20, 2013

I'm back!!!!

I’m back. I have been very busy working on the third book in the Delsey MacKay series. As you know the first book was “Twisted Desires” the sequel “Twisted Revenge” and the third will be titled “Twisted Obsession”.
I will start a blog soon about obscure serial killers. You know the kind that aren’t or weren’t at the top of the headlines. It should be interesting if you are interested in serial killers.
We just returned from a weekend camping trip to Nolin River. We went with two other couples. It is a beautiful camp ground and the camp host is extremely helpful and friendly. It was a fantastic time. I look forward to returning when the weather warms back up.
So check in later this week for the first of the obscure serial killer blogs. Have a great week.

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