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Friday, February 13, 2015

February 13, 2015

Twisted Obsession

My new book the third in the Delsey MacKay series is out. It will be on Amazon for sale in a couple weeks.

Three years after her encounter with serial killer Tom Ireland, Detective Delsey MacKay is trying to rebuild her life and careet. She has moved to Radcliff, KY, a small city outside the gates of Fort Knox Army post. Detective MacKay is trying to connect the rape/murders of at least 20 women all over the country. The killer has been dubbed the Crucifix Killer by the press because he leaves a wooden cross on all his victim's bodies.

When her housemate, Dr. Bobbi Binzer disappears, Detective MacKay begins searching to find Bobbi with very little forensic evidence. Delsey doesn't know who has taken Bobbi, but evidence in her office gives the indication that whoever it is has very dark intentions.

Detective MacKay and the Radcliff Police Department are racing against the clock to find Dr. Binzer. Will they be able to find the twisted psychopath before he hurts or kills her?

This book is stand alone from the first two, but check them out as well. 'Twisted Desires' and it's sequel 'Twisted Revenge'.  Both books have won awards.


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